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Viviane Juguero is a playwright, director, researcher, actress and professor. She holds a Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and Doctorate Degree in Performing Arts from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. In her Ph.D., she developed the concept of “radical dramaturgy,” based on Paulo Freire’s notion of radicality. It was partially developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, sponsored by the Brazilian Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES). She is a member of the International Association of Theater for Children and Youth (ASSITEJ), the International Theatre for Young Audiences Researchers Network (ITYARN), the Bando de Brincantes art collective, the Study and Research Group on Creation Processes at the Theater for Children and Youth of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ), and the Brazilian Center of Theater for Children and Youth (CBTIJ). In her artistic work, she received awards as a songwriter and playwright, as well as nominations as an actress and director. As a professor, she taught professional qualification lectures in Brazil and the United States, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Brazil. She was the director of the Arena Theater of Porto Alegre and creator of the Higher Course of Scenic Production of Monteiro Lobato Colleges of the same city. She is the author of books, plays, audiovisual scripts, artistic-pedagogical projects, songs, articles, and essays, staged and/or published in Brazil and abroad, for children and adults. In January 2020, Juguero was one of the three authors chosen to be studied nationally in the course "Black Dramaturgy: the alive word" held by Itaú Cultural, one of the most relevant Brazilian cultural promoters. She is the idealizer and pedagogical coordinator of the international cooperative project of art researchers ART AS SCIENCE.
She is currently in Norway working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Performing Arts and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Arts and Education, Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Stavanger.


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